What is the difference between PHP 5 and PHP 7

The different between PHP 5 and PHP 7 is the most important question now this time. In this blog I will explain you difference between php 5 and php 7.

PHP is the most popular scripting language on servers and has become an industry standard since It was introduced in 1994. It is widely used for high-speed performance and secure database connectivity. In addition, PHP is fully open source and can be run on all major platforms such as Unix,  Windows and Linux. There are many powerful PHP based frameworks that are very popular and easily coded.


According to the programmer, PHP7 has a good future. Even though its predecessor was not officially PHP6, it was never released. As a result, PHP5 is a precursor to PHP7. PHP7 is also called PHP-Next Gen and is the latest version of PHP. This version offers many advantages over all previous PHP versions, with the main version being its performance.

Advanced features of PHP 7

PHP 7 offers to rebuild the OOPS ideas for the measured quality of PHP. Fueled by Zend Engine 3.0, PHP 7 has multiple times the presentation and a large portion of the memory utilization contrasted with any of the past adaptations.

Here are some more highlights that make PHP 7 further developed and ground-breaking

  • Scalar Type affirmations for more power over the code 
  • Return type assertions
  • Spaceship (three-way correlation) administrator 
  • CSPRNG capacities 
  • Steady exhibits utilizing characterize().


Php5 is the successor to php4 and has a completely revised object-oriented model with constructors, interfaces, properties and static and restricted methods, abstract classes and many other significant improvements. Changes to php4 have made php5 stronger and a better mechanism for handling exceptions. Developers can also send objects for references that did not exist before.

Advanced features of PHP 5

Some unheard yet significant highlights of PHP 5 incorporate –

  • Strong OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) support
  • The MySQL extension is fully updated Improvements to XML extensions
  • Better error management and exception handling for PHP5 errors
  • Excellent soap performance

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What is the difference between PHP 5 and PHP 7

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