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Dynamic Dependent Drop down in PHP using jQuery AJAX

The dynamic dependent select box is used to automatically add dependent data to the drop-down list. Based on the drop-down options, the dependent data is retrieved from the database and displayed in the next select option field. In general, the field of dynamic dependency select option is used to implement the country,state and city functionality. Using Ajax and PHP, you can easily implement dynamically dependent drop-down without refreshing the page.

Live Search in PHP Mysqli using jQuery AJAX

In this post we are going to learn Live search in PHP Mysqli using jQuery AJAX.On most websites, we see a search bar on the website and we can search for content within it. If you use Facebook or Twitter, there is an outstanding direct search feature that you can use to find new friends or followers. Suppose we enter text on this site to find it. After that, we can get instant results from the site without refreshing the page.

Autocomplete Textbox using jQuery AJAX in PHP MySql

The Autocomplete text box allows users to quickly find and select values ​​from a list of pre-populated options. Suggestions are displayed automatically when the user enters the field.By using jQuery with Ajax we can easily present automated proposals for all queries from the database in the text field. I don’t use the jQuery plugin to ask for text fields for autocomplete, but I do use the simple Ajax method with PHP and MySQL for autocomplete text fields.

How to Check username & email already exists using jquery ajax in php mysql

In this post you will learn how to check username & email is already exists in database using jquery AJAX in PHP mysql.So, when you enter your username or email, at this time the Ajax function, called the server, is the username or email that is entered unique or not. The database is checked on the server side and determined whether the username or email entered is available or not. Then it will return to the Ajax request for the username and email or not and the results will be displayed immediately without refreshing the page.

Load More Data pagination using jQuery Ajax PHP MySQL

In this post we will learn to load more data using Ajax JQuery to PHP using MySql. This is a very common feature which is used on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. This function loads data without refreshing the page. Load data from the database with an Ajax function call. With the Ajax function call you receive data from the database and it is displayed on the front end without refreshing the page.

Creating Price Range Slider using jQuery AJAX in PHP with MySQL

How to Create a Slider for Jquery Ajax Price Range Using PHP Using MySQL. It is helpful for the user to filter data or items based on the value generated when the drag area slider appears in the products and not the rate type. In the current scenario, this is the most common function on e-commerce websites to display products or sell products online. The Jquery UI Range slider is very useful for adding quality filters to our data or list items.

Add Remove Dynamic HTML Fields using Jquery repeater in PHP with Mysql

Here we are using the Jquery repeater plugin to generate dynamic input fields by adding more and removing buttons in HTML form. While we are working on my project, we want to generate dynamic HTML with 10 input fields in my form. So at this point we have a data set with Jquery code to generate dynamic HTML fields.