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Ajax Pagination using jQuery with PHP and MySQL

Pagination is very useful for data lists, which include a large number of records in a database. This helps load dynamic data faster by embedding notes across multiple pages. The page functionality can easily be integrated with PHP. PHP Pagination reloads data by navigating the link by reloading the page. If you want to improve the user interface of your website and create easy-to-use data lists, Ajax Pagination is your best choice. you can also use Load more pagination using jquery AJAX with PHP and Mysql

Send Multiple Emails at once in Gmail using PHP jQuery AJAX

In this post we have a simple application we can use to send multiple emails to users with one click. Here we are using Jquery with Ajax so that we can send emails without reload the web page. When we press the Send mail button, the email from the input field data attribute is captured with jquery. After collecting data, it is sent to an ajax request and passed to and into the PHP script via an ajax request.

Form Validation Using Jquery

This tutorial shows you how to add form validation to your website using the jQuery plugin.
Using a jQuery form review plugin serves many purposes. This gives you extra functionality like easily displaying custom error messages and adding conditional logic to validate forms. The validation library can also help you add validation to your HTML forms with little or no markup changes. Validity conditions can also be easily added, deleted or changed at any time.

Contact form send attachment using jquery ajax in PHP

In this Post we will see how to create a contact form send attachment with using jquery Ajax and PHP and also Insert contact form data in database table. Using a contact form with attachments, users can send a contact information file to a support person or administrator. This is enhanced by allowing multiple attachments via the contact form. Some of my readers want to post code for this.

Contact form with validation in PHP mailer jquery Ajax script, (PHP code to send email from contact form)

The PHP AJAX contact form is used to send contact information to the back end without refreshing the page. We have provided sample contact forms to collect user requests, feedback, etc. After validation by the client, data from this form is sent to the PHP page via the jQuery AJAX call. After sending the contact email, the PHP page respond to the AJAX request.

How to Upload Image in database using jQuery AJAX in PHP Mysql

I use jQuery AJAX to implement image uploads. There is a form with file input fields and a upload buttons. When a form with the selected image file is sent, the AJAX script is run. In this code, a PHP upload request is sent with the uploaded image. The PHP code moves the uploaded image to the uploads folder and insert the image name in database and returns the HTML image to display the preview in AJAX response.

Sign Up and Login using jQuery AJAX in PHP Mysql

In this article we will learn How to create Sign up and login functionality using jQuery AJAX in PHP MySQL. There are a large number of online applications and the registration system must be the most common function among all. The registration form is intended to allow users to purchase a membership to obtain special permissions that vary depending on the application.
The importance of the registration system for application registration is to make the visitor a registered member of the application and to allow visitors to enter the system to verify its authenticity. Based on the authenticity of the registered user, application users are given access to web pages, utilities, and permissions.