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Insert Form Data using Jquery Ajax serialize() function in PHP Mysqli

In this post, you will learn how to create insert form data into a MySQL table using the JQuery Ajax serialize () method with PHP code without refreshing the page. This generates text strings from whole form data in the standard encoded URL notation form. This can be an action for a jQuery object that has selected various form controls, like input tag, textarea tag and select option tags. After using the serialize () method, the data for the entire form is converted to an associative array, and users can use the form data in a PHP script using the post method. After using this method, we don’t have to specify data individually from the form. We cannot use this method with input file types. This method works in most browsers. Here I only explain if you want to learn in detail, please follow in below.

Delete multiple record with checkboxes in PHP Mysqli using Jquery AJAX

are checked without refreshing the page. If the user wants to delete multiple tables, he can check the box for that table row and click the Delete button when the system asks Are you sure want to delete this records. If he clicks Ok, if no check box is selected, the system will display a warning message again. Please select at least one checkbox. If the user has selected one or more check boxes, the user can delete multiple rows of the table with our page refreshing. For this I use Ajax  in JQuery code. Use Ajax to delete the code from the delete.php file. Ajax Delete multiple data with checkboxes in PHP Jquery Mysql

PHP Ajax Update Data in MySQL By Using jQuery in Bootstrap Modal

In this post we will discuss how we can update data in MySQL data from tables using Bootstrap Modal using PHP scripts with Ajax queries without refreshing the page. In the previous three tutorial, we show how to insert,delete, and display data into a MySQL table using PHP scripts with Ajax jQuery. Now I am explain how to update a record or data with out refreshing page using AJAX-jQuery and PHP MYSQL.

How to Delete record to MySql from PHP using jQuery AJAX

In this tutorial we will learn how to delete a record from the MySQL database using Ajax Jquery with out page refreshing with confirmation box in the PHP. Now I am explaining how to delete a record or data with out refreshing page using AJAX-jQuery and PHP mysqli.
Deleting a data or record using AJAX-Jquery is a very simple process.As we are going to discuss that we need database from where we delete a record without refreshing a page. Let us see database details for it.

How to Display Data from Database without Page Refresh using jQuery AJAX in PHP MYSQL

Hello friends, in the last post we entered our values without refreshing our page. In this post we will learn how to retrieve data from a database in PHP using AJAX jQuery method. We will fetch data from the database without refreshing the webpage. So let’s get started, but before you read the last post, you can read it here.

How to Insert data to MySql from PHP using jQuery AJAX

In this tutorial you will learn How to insert data to MySql from PHP using jQuery AJAX. Usually, after you click the Submit button on the form, refresh the browser. AJAX can send to a web server without refresh the browser. Even Ajax can access the database in one event. For more information, see the following steps: