How to Create Drop down list in Excel in 60 Secends

How to Create Drop down list in Excel. Microsoft Excel is more than a computer program that your parents used at the office. Effective Use can be a satisfying tool in your arsenal, whether you’re a business men or professional, need to manage your home finances or planning, or just need a budget. Drop down lists are a way of optimizing data in the Excel program, which is useful when time is money.

In this tutorial we will learn drop down list in excel. This is very easy and simple way to create drop down list in excel.

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How to Create Drop down List in Excel

First, you need to prepare the list of items you want to include in the drop down. This list can be in the same worksheet or in a different location.

Select the cells where you want to create the Drop down.

In this image we will create the drop down using excel

Go to the Data Validation

In Excel, go to the Data tab in the ribbon and Click on Data Validation in the Data Tools group. This will open the Data Validation dialog box. The drop down list is the most popular data validation in excel.

Select List

Settings Tab: In the Data Validation dialog box, under the Settings tab, select List from the Allow Drop down.

Select the value of your Drop down list

In the Source field on the popup window, enter the items you want to be able to choose from in your drop-down list, each one separated only by a comma or you can also select the range of want to drop down list. 

Source: In Source field two options:

  1. If your list is in the same worksheet, select the cells containing your list items. For example, if your list is in cells A1:A5, you would enter =$A$1:$A$5=$A$1:$A$5=$B:$B
  2. If your list is in a different location, enter the range or reference to that location. For example, if your list is on a different sheet in cells B1:B10, you would enter =Sheet2!$B$1:$B$10=Sheet2!$B$1:$B$10

Input Message (Optional)

You can enter a message that will be displayed when the cell is selected. This can provide guidance to the user about what to select.

Error Alert (Optional):

You can set an error message that will appear if the user enters data that’s not in the drop down list.

When you click OK, your drop-down lists will be saved to your Excel spreadsheet and be ready to use right away.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a simple drop-down list in Excel. Now, your users can click an arrow next to a cell, and then select the entry they want.


In this Tutorial, I have explain the process of How to create drop-down list using excel. I have tried to very simple way to create drop-down list in excel. You can easily extend the functionality according to your needs.

How to Create Drop down list in Excel in 60 Secends

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